Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What are their expectations?

Q4. What are their expectations?

Ancient GR: A4. Mine are: Health, high fight and pack drive, low/no rank drive.

DanUK: Agreed. Stability also factors into both health and the drive balance sought and outlined by Ancient. Different breeders place different degrees of emphasis upon size/power and speed/agility/endurance. For many the balance is determined not relative to other (breeds of) dogs, but to mankind, e.g. does the dog have the required size and stopping power to fend off a group of large male assailants, with of course the necessary endurance and agility to complete this task? For others, the desire for companionship extends to partnering in hunting, hiking or other activities, whereupon a degree of size is willingly forfeited in knowledge that the odds of encountering five hostile, NFL-lineman like three-hundred pound hostile men on drugs is so infinitesimal that the risk of accepting the smaller package is outweighed by the day to day benefits.

Dominick Donovan US: I myself would NOT own/breed a dog that could NOT act at least satisfactorily at organized dog sports......and I would not keep a dog that would not seriously fight a man if I direct him to do so. Any dog I own/breed....that I consider a "working dog"..... must retrieve like crazy...on land or for anything I direct him to.....respond to commands with enthusiasm...accept the use of force in training without over submission.....climb...leap and jump as a true athlete........defend pack members...himself… and territory.....He must respond to ANY form of reward...FOOD....OBJECT....PLAY/PRAISE....and be trainable through any reasonable system....He should be able to be a GUARD dog...a detector dog....POLICE dog...a SCHUTZHUND dog...a "DEMO" dog.....a bodyguard .....or family protector......I do sometimes tolerate dogs that are a bit much for regular family life....but many will do fine in this regard if the right individuals are selected. ...contrary to popular belief...MANY seemingly high strung "working" dogs are fine in the home....and really don’t need to be crated...many are crated for the purpose of frustrating the dogs for squeezing top robotic performances out of them...and sometimes simply from lack of emotional involvement/care or real concern for them.....NOT necessarily because they HAVE to be!....

Katrina Hartwell AU: Mine are hunt on Sunday, School on Monday morning, security patrol Monday night.

MaTi US: Some to create a K9 that fits into the family naturally and innately is able to perform tasks of obedience, hunting, catching or guarding. Some expect that you'll easily find another ten people to buy pups off of your pup for 2G's each. Some breeders expect you'll give them the money they want and they will never see you again regardless of the dog.

Nico FR: I would add agility, stamina, speed, great movement, and stable.